Meridian Cool Springs

2000 Meridian Blvd., Suite 250 | Franklin, TN 37067
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Building Access:

Building access is available from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The main entrance doors to each building are equipped with card access systems, so you will be given an access card in order to gain entry to the building after hours and on weekends.

HVAC Hours:

Hours of operation for HVAC will be 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, excluding holiday hours.


Office keys will be provided per the lease. Keys can be obtained by contacting the Management Office at 550-5575. No additional lock, latch, or bolt of any kind may be placed upon any door, nor will we allow any changes to existing locks without the written consent of the Landlord. At the termination of the Lease, Tenants shall return all keys to the Landlord.  Requests for additional keys, or changing of locks, should be made to the Management Office.  Billing for additional keys and locks will run in accordance with your lease.


The delivery of large objects, as well as any/all evening deliveries, should be prearranged by calling the Management Office at 550-5575. Please give a minimum of 24-hour notice to ensure availability of the freight elevator. Deliveries will only be allowed through the service entrance, and via use of the freight elevator.

Moving Policies:

The following rules pertain to moving furniture, equipment, and supplies in and out of all Boyle buildings:

Any movers that do not adhere to the following rules should not enter the premises. If any of these policies are violated, the move will be discontinued by Management immediately.

  • Clean masonite sections will be used as runners on all finished tenant areas, especially when heavy furniture/equipment is being moved with wheel/skid-type dollies. The masonite should be at least ¼” thick. All masonite should be taped to prevent sliding.
  • Protective coverings must be provided and installed by the mover on all vulnerable corners, walls, door facades, elevator cabs, and other areas along the move route. These areas will be inspected for damage after the move and tenant will be (billed) responsible for repairs.
  • Duct tape should never be stuck to the walls, doorjambs, or doors.
  • The tenant must arrange for use of the freight elevator with the Management Office. A firm arrival time will be established, which must be after business hours, or on the weekend.  The moving company should remove trash items generated by the move including boxes, wall protection, pallets, and packing materials. Old records and files should be purged prior to the move to save your company time and money.
  • No employees of the moving company are allowed to smoke in the buildings.
  • All moving company employees should be in an identifiable uniform or wear an identification badge.

  • The moving company must carry insurance coverage including, but not less than, the following:

    • Worker’s Compensation in the amount of $100,000; bodily injury and property damage liability insurance in comprehensive general liability form.

    • Comprehensive general liability insurance policy shall include coverage for hazards on premises – operation, elevators, products and completed operations, including personal injury coverage part and contractual liability coverage part designating the assumptions of liability under performance of the act of moving. Such insurance shall be in limits no less than $500,000 per person bodily injury and personal injury; $500,000 per occurrence for aggregate or property damage. Property damage insurance shall be in broad form, including completed operations.

    • An umbrella policy with a limit of $5,000,000 per occurrence.

    • All moving company employees must be bonded.

  • Each moving company supplies moving furniture, and/or equipment and must present a certificate reflecting insurance coverage to Building Management at least 48-hours prior to the scheduled moving date.


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