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In The Event of a Bomb Threat:

Follow the Bomb Threat checklist. Complete as much information as possible and be prepared to relay this information to police. Have someone call 911 while you have the caller on the phone, and if possible, have someone contact the Management Office at 550-5575 as well. The Management Office will work with Police/Fire officials, who will give the order to evacuate if necessary. If a bomb is reported to be located on your premises, DO NOT handle any suspicious parcels or items.

If Ordered to Evacuate:

At the sound of the alarm on your floor, evacuate the building. Follow the evacuation instructions precisely. DO NOT use the elevators. Use stairwells only and WALK. Do not run down the stairs. Stay calm and orderly.

The most common bomb threats are made by direct telephone calls to a company or the Police Department. However, some threatening calls are made to third parties such as television studios and newspaper offices. There are two reasons for a caller to report that a bomb is going to go off at a particular location:

  • The caller knows that an explosive or incendiary device has been, or will be, placed in the building and wants to minimize personal injury. The caller may be the person who planted the device, or just someone who is aware of such information.
  • The caller wants to create an atmosphere in which panic spreads and disrupts normal business activity. This may be the ultimate goal of the caller.
Bomb Threat Received By Tenant:

Should a bomb threat be received by an employee of your firm, the following guidelines should be used:

  • Follow the checklist at the top of this section. Try to obtain as much information possible. Be prepared to relay this information to the police when they arrive.
  • Immediately call the Management Office 550-5575. Building Management will call the Police. If possible, have a second individual call the Management Office while the bomb threat is still in progress.
  • The Management Office will give the order to evacuate if necessary.
  • Be alert as to any unfamiliar people, objects, or activities that would be worth pointing out to the Police or Building Management staff upon their arrival. DO NOT touch or handle any suspect objects.
  • The emergency coordinator, accompanied by the police and building staff, will make a complete search of the suspected areas. It will be the responsibility of the emergency coordinator to identify any suspicious items that do not belong in the space.
  • The person receiving the call should remain on-site and be available for an interview by Building Management and local authorities (i.e., Police, Fire Department, etc.).

Suspicious Items Include:

  • Letters that are abnormally bulky or heavy
  • Parcels or envelopes with oily stains or discoloration
  • Parcels or envelopes without a return address
  • Foreign mail, air mail, or special deliveries
  • Restrictive markings such as “confidential”, “personal”, etc.
  • Use of titles but no names
  • Excessive postage

Handling Instructions:

  • DO NOT handle the item.
  • DO NOT attempt to open the parcel.
  • DO NOT place the parcel in water.
  • DO NOT remove any binding material.
  • DO NOT pull or cut any material that protrudes.


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