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Emergency Procedures:

Fires, bombs, bomb threats, tornadoes, severe weather conditions, power blackouts, etc. are all improbable, but can occur with little or no warning. Advanced planning can result in better protection of people and property. Our aim is to provide safety and minimize the effects of the emergency as it specifically relates to the office building and its occupants. In order to ensure quick response and reduce, if not eliminate, the probability of personal injury, we recommend that all tenants establish independent plans, which can be effectively implemented should an emergency situation develop.  A copy of each plan should be filed with the Management Office. If you need assistance in formulating your plan, please contact Kent Smith at 550-5575. Each tenant should designate at least one Emergency Coordinator for their office. This person will coordinate with Boyle Investment Company during drills or actual emergencies. Any change in assignment should be reported immediately to the Management Office.
Boyle Investment Company is not in a position to require tenants to take protective action. These instructions are a guideline, but there may be occasions when one’s best judgment must prevail. We recommend that all tenants become familiar with the following procedures, as well as the emergency equipment and exits.

Emergency Coordinators:

Emergency Coordinators will be designated by each Tenant to take charge of his/her particular area within the tenant space during an emergency. In emergency situations, the Emergency Coordinator is responsible to Boyle Investment Company and/or the Fire & Rescue Department. The Emergency Coordinator will be thoroughly familiar with the following procedures, as well as the physical features of his/her area, including but not limited to, smoke detector locations, fire extinguishers, emergency exits, pull stations, etc., and the number or occupants in the assigned areas.

The Emergency Coordinator will maintain a current list of individuals who are disabled, or would have difficulty evacuating during an emergency. The Emergency Coordinator will assign Special Assistants within their office to aid those individuals should evacuation become necessary. The number of Special Assistants will vary according to need.

In the event of an evacuation, the Emergency Coordinator will be responsible for checking each office, restroom, conference room, etc., in his/her assigned area to ensure that everyone has heard the alarm, and is in the process of following evacuation and emergency procedures. Once the evacuation is completed, the Emergency Coordinator will get a headcount of all occupants, visitors, etc., from his/her area, at the designated assembly area to determine all have been accounted for, and then report that number to Boyle Investment Company or the Fire Department.
The Emergency Coordinator shall establish an assigned area in the parking lot where all members of his/her office will assemble in the event of a building evacuation. The assigned area must be along the perimeter of the parking lot, well away from the building, so as not to impede fire trucks or the work of the Fire Department. The assigned area will be communicated to all members of his/her group and to the Management Office.

It is mandatory that everyone evacuate the building during any type of drill. Anyone who remains in the building is subject to fines up to $500 from the Franklin Fire Department.   

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