Meridian Cool Springs

2000 Meridian Blvd., Suite 250 | Franklin, TN 37067
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Boyle firmly believes in the practice of energy conservation, and strives to do so within all of our buildings. The main way in which we practice energy conservation at Meridian Cool Springs is via our state-of-the-art Direct Digital Control (DDC) HVAC system. This system provides energy avoidance routines for each building, including start time optimization, night temperature setback, A/C unit supply air temperature reset, A/C unit minimum, OSA damper, building general exhaust occupancy based scheduling, multiple tenant occupancy scheduling, after hours override control, and space temperature set point limiting.  The Management Office is able to monitor the system from a central operator workstation/server, and can instantly adjust comfort set points, as well as trend building temperatures. All Boyle engineers and property managers are trained to use the system, and have access to it remotely.


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