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Tenant Emergency Coordinator Responsibilities:

Each Tenant must appoint an Emergency Coordinator, as well as a Special Assistant, for every 50 employees. The people chosen should be individuals who rarely travel, and are familiar with the names and faces of all of the employees within their office. The Emergency Coordinator should be responsible for the development and implementation of the Tenant’s safety program.

This program should include the following:

  • Development of evacuation plans.
  • Familiarizing employees with the location of all stairwells.
  • Familiarizing employees with the location and proper use of fire extinguishing equipment within the building.
  • Informing the Management Office of all handicapped people who might require assistance during evacuation.
  • Training employees in emergency response procedures.
  • Practicing emergency procedures to ensure familiarity with individual responsibilities.

The Management staff is available to assist you with training sessions for your designated employees.  Semi-annual training is provided by Building Management.

Disabled Persons:

The evacuation of disabled persons will be the responsibility of each Tenant. The Emergency Coordinator should identify those people who will require assistance during an evacuation and establish an action plan for evacuating those employees. It is recommended that two (2) persons be assigned to assist each disabled person in the office. If any problem arises in the evacuation of disabled persons, contact the Fire Department for assistance immediately. A list of all disabled persons should be forwarded to the Management Office.

Evacuation of disabled persons can also be accomplished by escorting the individual to a designated safe location. The Fire Department will then be notified upon arrival, and will locate and remove the individual from the building.

Download Tenant Emergency Handbook


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