Nonprofit Partners

Since Boyle Investment Company was founded in Memphis in 1933, we have had a strong history of giving back to the communities we serve. As a master commercial developer with a mission of serving and transforming our communities, Boyle understands land is important, but people are a precious resource.

In 2022, Boyle Nashville formalized our giving efforts and “Boyle Cares” was formed. Our mission was to form connections with local nonprofits through our mixed-use developments where we donate time and financial assistance to make lasting changes in our community. Boyle Cares is our way of living out a culture of appreciation and gratitude to our most precious resource, the people in our communities!

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As part of our mission to serve and transform our community, Meridian is proud to partner with our community through two local nonprofits, New Hope Academy and Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee. We invite you to learn more and get connected with these organizations.

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